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The Mk5 gauge was required to be tough, impact resistant, waterproof and simple to operate. The use in harsh environments was the foremost design requirement with function dictating the form. The final ergonomic shape makes it ideal for operators with gloved hands. A combination of polycarbonate and rubber TPE creates sealed windows for the displays and a durable outer body.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER, UK tooling.

“We wanted to work with a design firm that would genuinely listen and care about the detail that was essential to us. They also needed to be skilled enough to bring to bear a genuine depth of experience and expertise. We are exceptionally pleased with WDL and really look forward to working with them again.”

Cygnus Instruments Managing Director

Which? Best Buys


The consumer focused magazine Which? reviews domestic products to provide handy information for potential buyers. In August 2013 the magazine featured kitchen appliances which included rigorous testing of kettles. The traditional kettle designed by WDL for Prestige featured in the top 10 best buys with a glowing review of its aesthetics and energy saving ability. Nestled amongst other contemporary kettles the traditional style stands out for its stove top shape and use of high quality materials.


The traditional kettle, designed in 2010 initially won the Excellence in Housewares awards in 2011. Now with a Which? best buy in 2013 it goes to show that good design will stand the test of time.


SART – Search and Rescue Transponder

WDL worked closely with SRT Marine to develop a new Class B product, the SART, designed for use in harsh marine environments. The SART is designed to be taken aboard a life raft and deployed in the case of an emergency situation. It needed to be easy to operate, whilst being ruggedised. It has been constructed from tough marine grade plastics and has undergone rigorous testing, including IP68 waterproofing and a 20m water drop test.

Using SRT’s new miniature SART engine and newly developed VHF antenna technology, the SART offers exceptional reliability and field performance, with operational range significantly exceeding required specifications.

AtoN – Aids to Navigation

In 2012 SRT Marine successfully launched the Carbon AtoN, part of the AIS (Automatic Identification System) range. The device is typically attached to buoys and other shipping sites and hazards; providing electronic marking whilst broadcasting a range of important meteorological information. Rated at IP67, it has a tough outer shell and multiple seals to withstand extreme environments

An order was received for US$280,000 in late 2012 for the OEM version, to be deployed in an existing network.  SRT’s CEO stated, “We are delighted to receive this unexpected order. Our new AtoN product family has been well received by the market due to its full compliance and certification to international standards whilst also being small, with very low power consumption.”

A Wright Collaboration

New Design magazine interviewed Matt Wright, Creative Director at WDL, and his brother Simon Wright, Head of Communications at Greenwich Design, for the magazines 101st issue. The article discusses the advantages of businesses such as theirs working collaboratively using a holistic approach, offering clients a more comprehensive product development and branding solution.

Working together from the start of projects, with WDL focusing on design/functionality and Greenwich Design specialising in branding/marketing, has resulted in a number of success stories, including the Milton baby sterilisation product range.

This cohesive approach ensures consistency, from the early design stages through to branding and marketing, enforcing the brand values and adding to the overall strength and identity of the final product.

Optimal Instruments

Scientific equipment specialist Grant Instruments has launched its new ‘Optima’ range of digitally controlled stirred heaters and baths. The range has been revamped, giving the products a much more aesthetically pleasing style, whilst improving the performance and manufacturability.

The redesign of the range encompassed a 30% reduction in parts, a 50% reduction in assembly time and a significant reduction in the bill of materials cost. The new range has been a huge success at product launches and trade shows and now looks set to strengthen its position within the market.

WDL took the range from the initial industrial design concepts through to engineering in Solidworks CAD, including all the user interface graphics, and then went on to provide manufacturing support.

100 for 100th

To mark the publication of ‘New Design’ magazines 100th issue, the magazine compiled a collection of the top 100 designs as nominated by industry representatives.

WDL was honoured to be featured twice, firstly in the opening ten products showcasing the SRP2000 TETRA radio, which was described by the press as a ‘true design icon’. WDL was then featured again for its collaboration with Greenwich Design on the Milton baby care product range, which saw the successful relaunch of the Milton brand.

To view the article 100 for our 100th please visit

Top Twenty Design Icons

The Cambridge Design Icons exhibition took place during February 2012 at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Arts. The exhibition was the result of collaboration between the Design Council and Creative Front Cambridgeshire, celebrating and recognising forty years of high profile Cambridge product design.

Over ninety products were initially put forward from local design consultancies, which were then shortlisted and selected by industry professionals. WDL was proud to have three products amongst the final twenty that were chosen to be exhibited.

WDL’s market leading Sepura TETRA radios, the impressive Hayter electric mower and stylish Prestige traditional kettle were all on display for design enthusiasts and members of the public to appreciate.


Innovative Sterilisation Products

Milton, the world innovator and leader in cold water sterilisation solutions, released a new range of baby sterilisation products in 2012. The range included a mini portable soother steriliser, a single bottle travel steriliser and a multi bottle sterilisation unit.

WDL worked closely with Milton, Greenwich design and the manufacturers throughout the project, from design through to testing and provided manufacturing support, ensuring the products not only had consistent branding but also meet all the stringent safety standards required.

The resulting product range has been incredibly successful, with Mothercare describing the mini portable soother steriliser as an ‘innovative sterilisation device designed to provide you with convenience and ease of mind whenever you’re on the move.’

about wdl

At WDL we design and develop solutions that provide our clients with a distinctive, competitive edge, creating a product experience that underpins the value of their brand. We challenge convention when appropriate and understand that design and innovation is about making a difference.

It’s not about us it’s about you

We appreciate that it’s your product, it’s your company and the product experience will represent your company values.

We don’t just work for our clients, we work with our clients. We establish a clear understanding of business and project objectives, drawing on our wealth of experience to develop project briefs, define project direction and provide solutions that maximise product impact.

Ultimately our success is based on that of our clients

What makes a great brand?

A great brand is more than a slick identity. A great brand will embody the fundamental values of the company in every aspect of the business. We therefore ensure that a product provides an overall experience that supports a clients principles and ambitions.

What makes a great product?

Every product that we develop involves interaction with people. A great product will provide a positive experience at every point of contact. Components must be sourced or manufactured successfully, the product can be assembled efficiently, there is an effective route to market and it delivers the maximum benefit to the client and end user

Why use WDL?

Since our inception 1996 our fundamental value was to design great looking products that are fit for purpose and well-engineered. We have always challenged convention encouraging change where change provides a better and more competitive solution. Products that we design today are thoroughly thought through with consideration given to the total lifecycle of the product, defining the experience and interaction of the end user in a solution that can be successfully realised.

There are fewer elements within a good working relationship that are more critical than good communication. We listen, we question, we support.

We’re proud of the fact that WDL today has a multitude of well established relationships with clients that date right back to the birth of the company.


Small Domestic Appliances

Strix specialises in technological advances in safety control and filtration systems for small domestic appliances (SDAs). Strix offers a complete OEM solution, developing and manufacturing a wide range of SDAs, from kettles to chilled water units.

“Strix has been working in a successful strategic partnership with Wright Design for over five years. We benefit significantly from their design expertise and industry wide exposure to market trends, particularly when developing new products for the SDA market. As a result of working with Wright Design we have successfully launched many exciting and innovative products, which are proving to have a significant positive impact commercially.”

The Appliance Design Manager at Strix

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering surfaces in Solidworks.

Optima Product Range

The Optima range comprises of heating circulators and laboratory baths for experimental or production purposes. The digital circulator is fitted to a scientific bath providing precise temperature control ranging from -50 to +200°C. The units are capable of maintaining these temperatures at an accuracy of up to ± 0.01°C. The Sous Vides product is used in the catering industry turning any ordinary pan into a cooking bath.

Wright Design were involved at the conceptual stage helping Grant to understand areas of improvement and pose questions of pushing the boundaries of innovation and styling. Alongside aesthetic demands the engineering was always in sight, the product not only had to look good but also meet mechanical and business requirements.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Solidworks.

Mobile Data Node

SEA approached Wright Design with a short timescale project to produce a military biased product. The Mobile Data Node is a man portable secure communications base station, using commercially available 3G devices. The product is used within security, emergency and military units to set up a broadband infrastructure within a 2Km radius.

Wright design designed the enclosure to be a high quality Aluminium construction, making the unit both rugged and lightweight.

WDL input: generating industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro-Engineer CAD.


Equivital Life Monitors

Weighing just 75g, the robust and waterproof Equivital was the world’s first miniaturised and medically approved body worn sensor. It provides highly accurate mobile human physiological monitoring data.

The device is capable of measuring a range of vital information including ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, location and acceleration. It was initially developed to be used by the US military to monitor soldiers on the front-line. It has subsequently been used by Arctic scientists, survival specialists and in the record breaking 24 mile skydive by Felix Baumgartner.

WDL: industrial design, mechanical design, Far East tooling.


Poseidon AIS Transceiver

This complex class A AIS (Automatic Identification System) transceiver houses SRT’s AIS modules along with a large LCD and user interface. It complies with rigorous IEC standards for deep sea and inland waterway use, meeting IP54 standards The sheet metal ‘cassette’ approach allows transfer to the external heat sink and additionally allows all the electronics to be built and tested before final assembly into the plastic enclosure.

The window was an innovative 2-shot design resulting in a distinctive, high impact, aesthetic component and the front moulding is easily interchangeable giving SRT the ability to manufacture the product in different OEM variants. The finished product comes with bulkhead or dash mount options.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER, Far East tooling.

nShield Connect

nShield Connect is a high-performance network-attached hardware security module, which is a cost effective way to establish the correct security levels for server based systems.  The equipment needed to meet all the stringent security measures within its internal design, whilst providing a high-end touch technology external front panel.

Thales e-Security, the leading global provider of data protection solutions, approached WDL to generate industrial design and mechanical design. Great care had to be taken to ensure the complex ducting and fan arrangements were engineered to optimise the cooling efficiency, whilst still allowing easy servicing.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER, assistance with manufacturing.



Megaflo Eco

The Megaflo Eco unvented water heating cylinder removes the need for a cistern tank in the loft. The redesign included a number of innovative features alongside higher levels of operating efficiency. The construction is strong, yet lightweight, making it easier for installation and handling on site. It’s versatility means it can be installed in most locations including airing cupboards, cellars, lofts or even garages. Units are pressure tested to five times the norm, making them suitable for commercial as well as domestic applications.

WDL assisted with issues such as ease of manufacturing and energy efficiency, in addition to revamping the range with a modern look. The result is an award winning, UK’s number one, unvented cylinder.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Solidworks, assistance in project management.

HelixNet Beltpack

The HelixNet Beltpack is a digital intercom-over-IP two channel device, developed typically to be used by production staff in TV, film and live broadcast for communication and direction purposes.

Clear-Com, a global provider of professional voice and communications systems, approached WDL to help design the device. It needed to be light yet rugged, with optimally positioned ergonomic buttons and volume controls, allowing it to be easily operated by touch alone for use in dark environments. Heat dissipation was also a key element of the unit’s performance requirements to ensure it remained comfortable for the user, with a maximum target temperature rise of 10°C.

WDL: industrial design concepts and ID surfaces in Rhino through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER, assistance with manufacturing.


Aspirair® and Gyrohaler®

Aspirair® and Gyrohaler® are high performance patent-protected inhalers. They utilise dry powder delivery, giving a very effective inhalation method compared to most wet spray inhalers. The devices offer a reproducible dose delivery within an easy to use and cost effective device.

WDL was employed to work as part of Vectura’s design and development team. The Director of Device Development for Vectura Group commented, “Wright Design’s input was both creative and efficient, whilst working to challenging timescales and deadlines. It proved to be a very effective solution to our needs of cost and quality.”

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER.


Tanita Body Composition Scales

The UM-076 body composition monitor has been designed to monitor a range of data relating to the human body such as body fat percentage, body water percentage, weight and muscles mass. The design needed to be easy to use and stylish, suitable for the modern bathroom. It incorporates four data storage memories, making it ideal for use by the whole family.

Using the latest Innerscan technology the monitor allows a person to see the true impact of their diet and fitness programme on their body. Results are clearly displayed on an extra-large LCD screen, giving users the motivation to achieve their goals.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering surfaces in Pro ENGINEER.

OVG-4 Calibration Gas Generator

The OVG-4 is a compact, easy to use and cost effective calibration gas system, which produces a very pure, accurate and repeatable output. Compared with using multiple gas cylinders the OVG-4 is extremely cost effective and space saving, whilst eliminating the dangers associated with cylinders. The OVG-4 is suitable for a broad range of applications; from calibration of explosive detectors in military and homeland defence, to testing personal monitors in industrial health and safety applications.

Owlstone’s co-founder stated, “It was a challenging project to be delivered in a tight timeline to exacting standards. As always Wright Design delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Solidworks.

Little Sister Autoclave – Eschmann Equipment

The Little Sister is a vacuum autoclave with rapid non-vacuum cycles, used for the sterilisation of medical and dental equipment.  Due to the high temperatures and steam produced during the autoclave process, careful consideration had to be taken with the design and in the selection of material grades.

WDL designed and developed the interface components for the autoclave, based on the findings of typical user interaction and usage. The most commonly used functions were displayed in a simplified ‘one-touch’ style on the front of the machine, with a clear LCD screen for ease of use. The more complex and detailed functions were placed behind an easily accessible panel on the front of the machine.

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Pro/ENGINEER.


Supreme Water Heater

The Supreme is a permanently plumbed, wall-mounted electric water heater. The range features five sizes from 2.5 litres up to 40 litres, providing up to 560 cups of boiling water instantly. The Supreme features Intelliboil™ technology, a patented, ultra-efficient hot water management system that effectively controls the boiling cycle for improved efficiency.

“Heatrae Sadia is delighted to have identified a reliable and committed partner who is able to supply added value and innovative solutions… I would be delighted to endorse Wright Design as a cost effective option for outsourcing technical and design tasks.”

Operations Manager at Heatrae Sadia

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering in Solidworks, assistance in project management.

Envoy Electric Roller Mower

In keeping with Hayter’s traditional and stylish range, the Envoy is their first lightweight plastic lawnmower. The easy to use and robust electric mower is aimed at smaller gardens, cutting in a fine striped finished.

WDL worked closely with Hayter and produced a successful show model within just seven weeks, ready for the product launch. Production ready data was required 12 weeks into the project, to ensure products were available in time for Spring sales. WDL also worked on the more complex parts, such as the grass height cutting mechanism and the safety switch. The final design was reassuringly close in appearance to the show model, whilst being easy to assemble and meeting all legislative requirements.

WDL: industrial design, mechanical design and Far East tooling.



Prestige Cookware

“WDL, through design, have provided us with a competitive edge within the highly competitive Small domestic appliance market…

…. The result so far has been a universal acceptance by the retail trade with requests for more of the same which we are confident our partnership with WDL can continue to provide well into the future

Prestige Marketing Director 

Soda Club Penguin

The Penguin has been designed to combine stylistic form with function. It carbonates tap water, providing the ability to prepare sparkling beverages in less than thirty seconds. The product includes a reusable dishwasher-safe glass carafe, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

 “Soda Club has worked with Wright Design for many years and we have developed as a team, with an understanding of the requirements of one another. An understanding of our market place has evolved and design has been supported with input on manufacture and sourcing options. The loop has been completed by consideration of the product branding and presentation.”

Soda-Club’s Design Manager

WDL: industrial design concepts through to engineering surfaces in Pro ENGINEER.

SRH3900 TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) Handset

The Sepura SRH series is a compact and rugged TETRA digital radio handset designed with the look and feel of a mobile phone, a big step away from the traditional ‘walkie talkie’. The final product was designed and built to exceed IEC529 IP54, capable of withstanding extremely harsh environments and multiple drop tests from 1.5M onto concrete.

Soon after release it became the market leading handset solution in the public safety sector. 13 years on the handset is still sold in over one hundred countries and is arguably the best selling digital radio of all time. In February 2012 it was included in the top twenty designs from Cambridge and was described by the press as a ‘true design icon’

WDL: industrial design, mechanical design, European tooling.

Physiological Monitor

This pioneering patient monitoring device enables a patient to be continually monitored from the comfort of their home, freeing up hospital beds and physicians time. It can also be used by drugs companies to monitor the use of new medical products.

The device consists of three main elements, a base station which transmits patient data via a telephone line to the hospital, a PDA which stores and transmits data from the patient and sends it wirelessly to the base station, and a disposable adhesive patch with monitoring electrodes and a re-useable electronic/radio module.

WDL: industrial design, mechanical design, Far East tooling.




Successful products are the result of good team interaction and communication between a multitude of different disciplines.

At WDL we understand that there is a fundamental difference between Industrial Designers and Product Engineers, both representing important aspects of the development process. Industrial designers provide real insight into the emotive drivers of a products whilst product engineers specialise in the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing techniques and processes that are required to realise a product solution.

Just like any evolutionary process it takes time to build a great team that delivers the right blend of creative skill, experiences and interests . WDL have a fully interactive team of Industrial Designers and Product Engineers that provide a consistent, high quality approach to product design and innovation.

Associates and Suppliers

Over the years we have developed and established long-term working relationships with an extensive network of experienced and reliable specialists, who know us well and who we can rely on in supporting roles. This gives our clients the reassurance that we consider and address every angle of their product’s design, development and delivery to market.

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